About Muhaimen Associates Limited

Muhaimen Associates, founded in 2019, is a group company that is a one-stop solution for Bangladeshi people and their lifestyles. The sister concerns of Muhaimen Associates are working on food, apparel, trading, import & export, researches, and many more. At Muhaimen we provide you the best quality agro-food in Bangladesh. From canned and dried fruits and vegetables to high-quality rice bran oils you can find all. Our sister concerns also work on fish health management, management of eco-system health, fish meal, supplementary feeds, fish nutrients, and many more. 

Our research center conducts scientific research, business research with thorough observation. Our specialists also carry out EIA/SIA/SEA report writing and marine spatial planning. Construction materials are also supplied through our trading company.

Our Joint Venture partners of apparel have been manufacturing 100% export-oriented sweater, knit and woven products for various countries i.e., EU, USA, Japan, and many other countries for more than a decade. Our sister concerns are also engaged in distributing local and international products through its online & offline shop in Bangladesh.

At Muhaimen our only focus is to satisfy our customers. Rely on us when it comes to the best-quality products and services for trading, import & export, food, apparel, conducting researches, etc.

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