Agro Fisheries

Muhaimen Agro-Fisheries

For more production and proper growth of fish, the natural feeds in water are not enough. Therefore, Muhaimen Associates is introducing their sister concern Muhaimen Agro-Fisheries that can provide you with everything you need for the perfect diet of fish. From fish meal to supplementary feed, fish nutrients, and minerals we distribute all of the best quality.

Once fish get sick it can be very difficult to save them. That's where fish health management comes in. Management of eco-system health also plays a great role in aquaculture and fish health. Muhaimen Agro-Fisheries is the companion you are looking for to help you with fish health management as well as eco-system health management.

We have supply chains in different districts of Bangladesh like Brahmanbaria, Comilla, Chandpur, Bogra, Joypurhat, Narshaingdi, Tangail, Kishoregong, Noakhali, Lakkhipur, Feni, Faridpur, Rajbari, etc. We are the solution to all of your requirements in fisheries.

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